This list is sorely in need of updating! Apologies :(


kHealth is a mobile health computing app built on Android which is intended for repeat admission cardiology patients. The goal is to reduce readmisssions through proactive monitoring of the patient.

Using observations gathered through connected sensors and questions the system can generate to ask the patient, certain conditions can be derived about the patients status. I developed the Android application as well as the implementation of kHealth's published reasoning engine.

kHealth is being developed in conjunction with The Ohio State University. Kno.e.sis is developing the application and OSU is managing the patient trials and legal responsibilities.


Divvy is a skill-sharing application which allows you to learn new skills or share those you already have. You don't have to be an expert, you just have to know how to do something that someone else wants to learn.

Divvy first came to life at the Cincinnati Angelhack hackathon. In 24 hours we managed to bring Divvy into existence, although it's still very much in a development stage. We'll be bringing Divvy to life in the next few months.

Built on Node.js and powered by and Express, Divvy embraces new technologies and aims to be a clean interactive platform that will easily facilitate learning by all its users. You can even contribute to Divvy via GitHub


Tremulous is a free, open source game that blends a team based FPS with elements of an RTS. Tremulous is built on the ioquake3 engine. As such it is an cross platform game, supporting Windows, Mac, Linux.

I have been involved with Tremulous mod development since 2008 including the infamous Tremulous Zombie mod. Serving as a key developer on some of the most popular gameplay mods out of all quake 3 servers (including games like Urban Terror), consistently placing in the top 5 for years I've learned a lot about what makes a good game.

Built on C and OpenGL, my expreience with Tremulous has provided me invaluable insight into the deepest parts of game play design and engine programming, from network protocols to rendering to game logic. It has been a truly enriching expreience.

Further, all the mods I've worked on have been made available recently, just check out my github via. the link in the corner of my webpage to find all of our custom code.

Quantified Shelf

Quantified Shelf (Qshelf) is a service intended to be used by members of the Quantified Self movement.

Quantified Self is a movement for open health information sharing. Individuals monitor their health, usually using sensors, and provide this data to others. Currently, however there is no centralized way to share/store this information or draw any conclusions from it.

Qshelf is intended to close this gap. Started as a class project with a buddy of mine, we are now continuing it as undergraduate research. We intend to provide, on top of simple data sharing, aggregation of data from other open sources, the ability to collaborate on the data, analyzation of the data, and distribution of the data as linked open data.


MyBB is a bulletin board system with a large community, active developement, and a large extension base

I am actively involved with MyBB through plugin development, theme development, core file modifications, core system modfications, and recently I've become involved with contributing to the development of MyBB's core system.

You can find my open source plugins for MyBB at the link above, or by visiting my GitHub. If you have anything you'd like developed feel free to contact me.